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One Solution for any Enterprise

Automate, monitor and schedule any device in your enterprise.


Monitor your entire Infrastructure
in one place.

In modern day Infrastructure it is very difficult to keep track of individual appliances installed at far away locations. AI ERA brings all your appliances on one unified dashboard.


Control Whenever you want, from where ever you are.

Turn On or Off your appliances just by a tap from your desktop or your mobile phone. Restrict access to employees in the enterprise to your appliance control.


Schedule your appliances for perfect timing.

Turn on/off appliances automatically to save energy. Can be used to manage Common area lighting, street lights, key tags and so on in your enterprise.


Detect Deterioration in Machines or Solar Panels in advance.

With granual data of power consumption and Intelligent parameters like harmonics, you can early detect flaws in machinaries and save yourself from breakdowns.


Take automated actions with Workflows.

Workflows do actions based on triggers, be it an anomaly or an event. Get a notification when an event occurs or take automated actions to protect your appliances.


Get it on your brand name.

AI ERA Offers The Smart Enterprise Dashboard to partners customized to their brand names.

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