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Temperature Control


Lighting Control

Multi Control

Control From Anywhere

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Just Say It,
Your Home Is Listening To You.


At AI ERA, We take care of all the custom commands that you say to your voice assistance, which made your day simple eventually.



Display Security Cam

" Open Living room Curtains "

Ok Google. . .

Turn on Party Mode

" Change light color to Purple "

" Activate all security Cameras "

" Set the Temperature to 16 "


Touch Switch Panels

With AI ERA advance technology, put an end to complex wired home automation. With AI ERA build your dream smart home with more ease and simple.

Smart Door Locks

From dinner parties to a late-night study sessions, the AI ERA Smart dimmer switch lets you set the right atmosphere for any activity. Control the brightness of any room using the AI ERA Smart app or with a simple voice command. Even group the switch with other
AI ERA Smart products for seamless control with a single tap of your smartphone.

Smart Lighting

Upgrade and experience with AI ERA.

Smart Home

Transform your Home,
Just like your Spirit.

With AI ERA Change the way you connect to your home. AI ERA scene helps you to set themes based on your Mood for every room. Set your Lights, AC, Curtains the exact same way it reflects your mood.

Mode Change

Theme Control


It's your home,
Create your own Timers.

With AI ERA mobile application, you can set preset timers and conditions for any appliance you use just like that.

Temperature Control

Preset Timers

Scene Schedule

Schedule From Anywhere

Device Schedule

In Meeting with Boss . . . 
" We got you covered "

Home AI




Smart Light

Sensors Made your Life Easy.

The AI ERA smart sense range of sensors are designed to detect and process super smartness to your smart home.

Smart Home needs
Smart Curtains.

It's  not a fairy tail. It's technology. With AI ERA installed operators you can open and close your curtains, and can schedule custom timings, which plays an important role in your smart home experience.

Custom Moods

Custom Time

No Noise

Multi Control

Schedule From Anywhere

The every fold of the Curtains contains Landscape . . . 

One Device, Million Colors .

Just find the perfect color which blend to your mood. The perfect lighting version is a touch away.

Grey Limbo

One App
Multi Controls.

AI ERA Smart application helps you to control all your devices with just one click and one command, No matter where you are.

User Friendly

Multi Control

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Smart Appliance
App Store
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