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Why Choose AI ERA?

One Stop Solutions for Enterprise, Home & Many

AI ERA combines industry expert engineers and technicians with over 30 years of experience to deliver the most reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective HVAC solutions, servicing, and preventive maintenance in India.

Proven Expertise

Through the lens of AI ERA'S work, we see a rare opportunity for companies to rethink two areas of their business: product design and marketing. In our view, product design is still too removed from the end user, and marketing strategies are still too focused on selling products based on outmoded personas and traditional market segments.

Why Automation ?

Heading Lower Energy

Boost Productivity

Improved Security

Lower Maintenance Costs

Improved Uptime

IoT Driven Custom Application :

  • Internet of Things (IoT) allows exchange of information and data on a cloud via IP enabled objects and devices.

  • Customized dashboard to users gives data on production, batch, maintenance, efficiency, energy, etc. remotely.

  • Advance analytics on the data to improve efficiency, response, operation, preventive maintenance, etc.

Cloud Analytics :

  • Home Automation using cloud network is a system that uses computers or mobile devices to control basic home functions and features automatically through internet from anywhere around the world, an automated home is sometimes called a smart building.

Artificial Intelligence

Due to the ever expanding applications of AI, it’ll not only change our workplace but will also change the way we live in our homes.

The availability of smart electronic devices is on the rise which can be controlled by apps through smartphones and tablets. But when you have multiple smart devices, do you want to juggle between different apps to operate multiple appliances like TV, oven, entertainment system or air conditioning? I believe you don’t.

Robotics is completely changing our living standards by emerging in automation.

Imagine a home where you have automated lights where you don’t need to switch on and switch off. What if there is an automated kitchen, garage, living room with personal assistance filled in your hallway? Well, this is not a next-gen fiction movie for, automation and robotics have together brought all these mentioned above into reality. 

Machine learning and Data mining in Automation.

In today’s world, Automatic systems are being preferred over the manual system. A Smart home automation system is based on making user life easier. The Internet of Things generates a huge amount of data. Additionally, it contains a huge number of sensors and their data which can control or monitor objects.

Design &

We AI ERA engage in custom product development  based on customer interest. A wide range of custom products keeps you and your dream always special.

Our Happy Clients

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